Atlas just got released and it’s getting tons of bad reviews. Just 2 days after release, the game has received over 5000 negative reviews from players who bought the game. Atlas is a pirate-themed survival MMO that can handle 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world.

Most of the bad reviews state that the game is just an unfinished mod of Ark: Survival Evolved. Some even saw a hidden Ark menu inside the game settings. Prior to it’s release, Atlas has been delayed for launch several times which supports what many believe that the developers launched an unfinished broken game.

Atlas Negative User Reviews On Steam

“Opened a hidden Ark Menu in the Main Menu screen with a controller. 
Clicked on “OCEAN” under the list of ARK DLC’s. 
Clicked on “Start In Singleplayer” 
Game booted in a single player mode and threw me into the character creator screen. 

This game was originally a DLC planned for ARK, but because all the hardcore ARK players bought the season pass then that means they won’t get money, so they released this piece of trash to take as much money from you as possible with little to no effort. Please stay away from this game, don’t support the developers! “

“Brief history of this game:
1. Games gets announced and a countdown starts that leads to a December 13th release
2. Two days before “release”, the game gets pushed back to the 19th at 3 pm PST. A trailer is promised before launch.
3. 30 minutes after the supposed release, countdown being over and over 200k people waiting on twitch, we get a trailer and the game gets pushed back to the 21st.
4. The devs say streamers will have acces in the night between the 20th and the 21st. 
5. Game gets pushed back on the 22nd at 12 PM PST
6. Streamers receive keys and can start playing at 5 AM, after another delay of 7 hours.
7. Game gets released on steam at 12: 30 PM PST, so 30 minutes late.
8. Most people can’t seem to buy the game and once they do their is no servers at all.
9. It is now 4 PM and nobody can play because all servers are down.

When you have a company that doesn’t give a♥♥♥♥♥♥about his customers, removed negative reactions, muted channels and banned over 1000 people of their official discord, there is no way i can recommend this game to anyone.”