Though game developer Tencent has neither confirmed nor denied the presence of bots in PUBG mobile, it is pretty obvious that the game starts you off against bots.  So don’t get too excited over that chicken dinner yet!

It’s not the first time game developers use bots to make their game seem more populated. There are a bunch of MMORPGs using that tactic with automated chats and players bots programmed to walk around the map. PUBG is one of the most popular online games of all time(still the most played game on Steam), and it doesn’t need to use bots to gain recognition. The suspected reason why the developer adds bots is to instill confidence to newbies to the game. Adding bots also reduce the wait time to fill the empty player slots.

On a brighter note, as you rank up, the ratio of real players to bots increases but that means bots will still be present in matches.

How To Spot A Bot:

  • They will always know your exact location if you are in their line of sight even if you are hidden, that’s just how they are programmed
  • Bots never jump
  • Bots never strafe left or right
  • Bots never switches between weapons carried
  • Bots fire in a perfect sequence, even with an automatic weapon
  • Bots can’t go backwards
  • Bots don’t crouch
  • They can’t use vehicles
  • Bots never loot
  • They deal lower damage. Only abour 3%-5% of actual damage

There’s been a lot of speculations that bots are still being added even in higher ranked matches. Have you had the same experience? Let us know in the COMMENTS section below