Latency has been the number 1 issue of a Filipino online gamers. Lag kills gameplay. As most online gamers in the Philippines know, most online games doesn’t support Oceanic/Asia servers.

You would get a 200-300ms ping if you’re connecting to a US server from the Philippines. If the game server is in EU, you’d get about 300-500ms which is technically unplayable

That much latency would greatly affect gameplay, especially in action-based online games. An ideal ping without any noticeable delay is 50ms, 150ms+ and you will start to experience lag.

So how do you get rid of lag? – Get a VPN. Getting a VPN is by far the best solution to reduce lag. We recommend getting WTFast, it’s purely designed for online gaming and it’s free. We did our own test using WTFast and got a ping of 87ms playing in a US server. That’s a huge improvement from the usual 200ms+.

If you want to test it out yourself, it’s completely free. Link to download below: