1. How To Level Up Fast

Go for the main quests first.  Finishing main quests give more EXP rewards. Main quests are the ones with a red exclamation point. If you are just starting out, this is the fastest way to get to level 10(fist job change). 

Finish your daily quests. Everyday, the daily mission board refreshes at 6AM(Philippine Time) and there are 10 available quests to complete to gain extra EXP and Zeny.  Mission boards can be bound in major cities.

Another great way to earn extra EXP and Zeny is by doing “Minstrel” quests.  Though these quests are tedious, it’s a great side-quest buffer that can go along with main and daily quests. Most “Minstrel” quests will ask you to kill a number of monsters or item acquisition.

2. Don’t Go Solo, Form A Party

The last thing you want to do in an MMORPG is to go solo. In Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, the party system is very convenient . You can access it anywhere and invite friends. By forming a party, EXP and loot is shared equally between party members and harder quests are easier to complete . 

To form a party, simply go to your friends list and select a fried you want to invite.  Just make you are in the same channel as the friend you are inviting.

3. Stop Worrying And Level Up Your Skills and Attributes

Most common mistake of players is holding on to their skill and attribute points. Not upgrading your skills and attributes means lower attack and skill effectiveness. Whenever you level up, you will be given skill and attribute points. Don’t be afraid to experiment, you will get a reset item once you change to your 2nd job.

4. Save Time And Warp

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love has a huge open-world map. Travelling from one place to another takes a lot of time. Utilize the warp feature to move to the location you desire.  Currecntly, there are 3 ways to warp around the map:

  • Kafra Transport – Teleports you to areas you’ve already visited and saved
  • Butterfly Wings – Teleports you to your most recent warp point
  • Fly Wings – Teleports to a random location

5. Use Auto-Attack

Unlike the Ragnarok PC version where you will need to install a bot to fully automate your character, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love offers an auto-attack feature that moves your characters automatically.